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Daily Chakra Reading (January 29th)

Jan 29th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading gives us Vanity from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Guilt from svadishthana (sacral chakra). Are you living your life to someone else’s standard? Are you competing on the outside for possession and fame? Is this really what you want or are you afraid of letting someone down if you stop and pursue your own path? We may have built the illusion of happiness around us to satisfy those around us. We become what they need us to be, but we forget ourselves in the process. We live firstly for ourselves and today the energies want us to take a step in that direction. Do something for yourself only, even if it means not doing something for someone else. Guilt is only our fear of being rejected for being our own selves. But those that would reject us for that do not deserve us in their lives. Walk your own path, you will shine all the more brightly for it, and find more contentment and happiness.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 28th)

Jan 28th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Forgiveness from Ajna (third eye chakra) and Perseverance from Svadishthana (sacral chakra). The fulfilment of some of our dreams could be at hand, success is in our future but we must carry on working hard for it. No success will come free of hard work and dedication. We must push through the hardships ahead of us, so as not to give up just before success comes. Forgive yourself for having been hurt by others and don’t let that pain take you away from the path you are on. You are stronger than this. Perhaps you may feel taken for granted, or like you had the only one putting in the work where you are, but you should try and remember that if this is your chosen work you are doing it for yourself first. And when success comes, it will be entirely yours.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 27th)

Jan 27th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading has Grief from Anahata (heart chakra) and Facade from manipura (solar plexus chakra). Grief of any kind is also kept hidden, tucked away beyond a facade of normalcy. We cut ourselves away from our feelings for the sake of others and our routine and productivity. But grief comes from true love of another and in that there is inherent strength is one can but reach for itthrough the pain. The facade hiding your feelings can be good when around others who might not understand your pain but it cannot be there to keep yourself out of your own emotions. You must allow yourself to feel, embrace those emotions no matter how painful. Only then can healing occur (and it will!). Today don’t hide your emotions from yourself, take time out if you need and don’t let things fester. Healing has already started and you can help it along.
Grief could also represent any emotion that we see as negative and that is hidden away. As with actual grief, do not hide from yourself how you are feeling. Emotions are only negative if you let them rule you, embrace them and they can become your strength and motivator, your way to a healthier self.
Sending extra love and positivity to all those grieving for lost ones, no matter how long they have been gone for ❤

Daily Chakra Reading (January 26th)

Jan 26th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading shows us Complacency and Acceptance from Muladhara (root chakra). We all too easily fall into routines we might not be 100% happy with just because it’s easier. But if we have the capacity to realise our dreams, we must ask yourself why we’re not doing so. Are we building our life not on our own dream but on someone else’s? Are we settling for fear of what change may bring? We need to stop holding ourselves back and accept our dreams for what they are instead of trying to fit them inside the dreams of others. We need to look at ourselves in a new way, with the willingness to embrace our imperfections. True perfection does not exist. If we can find a way to nourish our self esteem and find new motivation, our dreams will be all the more possible.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 25th)

Jan 25thToday’s ‪‎chakra oracle reading‬: Instinct from Sahasrara (crown chakra) and Impatience from vishuddha (throat chakra). Now is a time for the present. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, let your guts dictate your actions and don’t rush yourself. You cannot feel anything if the time isn’t ready, similarly you cannot stop feeling anything if the feeling hasn’t had the time to pass. Your guts will guide you at the right pace provided you let yourself. Take time away if you need, set your own pace and be aware it what you need.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 22nd)

Jan 22.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings Perception from anahata (heart chakra) and Isolation from vishuddha (throat chakra). Are we isolating ourselves from others for the wrong reasons? Do we need to look at how we perceive our situation and others (perhaps even how we fear to be perceived and change our outlook? Perception encourages to move forwards, not back, even if life’s journey feels like it’s bringing us back to the same places. Similar does not mean the same, so focus on what in your situation has changed. Isolation warns that we may be pulling against the forward motion. Self protection is important, but focus too much on this and you risk cutting yourself off from opportunities that are there. It’s time to be spontaneous and stop focus on the preparations that come before the doing. On an larger scale it’s interesting to see anahata and vishuddha coming together in this meaning. Anahata is blocked by grief and loss (whatever the loss and grief is about, whether it is a person, a job, a relationship, health or otherwise) and vishuddha is blocked by lies (even more so the lies we tell ourselves). Grief and pain can make us isolate ourselves, often because of how we are afraid to be perceived by those around us. We will tell lies to ourselves and others in order to protect ourselves, we become willing to wear a mask that hides the pain within. Today might be a good day to bring it down and safely allow ourselves to feel what is behind that mask. You may be surprised to find that even through pain, joy may be blossoming.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 21st)

12593466_10207091007488111_6625451753488923777_o.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading: Joy from manipura (solar plexus chakra) and Soulmate from muladhara (root chakra). Happiness is coming our way, joy is ahead. For this to happen we must set aside our fear of commitment and be willing to face our inner thorns. Soulmate tells us this, wanting us to find the love we deserve and shed the lies of our fears. There may be pain in the process, but once that leap has been made, Joy promises that it will not have been in vain. If you’ve been hesitating over a big decision, today might be the right day to make the leap. You will become more free through change than by staying where you are and no matter the hurt and difficulties, happiness awaits you!

Daily Chakra Reading (January 20th)

Jan 19thToday’s chakra oracle reading sees the return of Insecurity from muladhara (root chakra) with Rejection from sahasrara (crown chakra) as its companion. Our individuality might be tested today, people we thought were accepting of our differences might react negatively to it out of the blue, or people might refuse our help or to use our skills because we do not fit with the mould of what they expect. Insecurity can be ripe in an unsupportive environment and our fears might make us think about shedding our individuality for the occasion. But it’s better to withdraw, leave the ones who disregard what makes us unique behind. If we can it’s time to work on some project by ourselves and protect ourselves. There will be more growth that way then by changing ourselves to match others’ needs.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 19th)

Jan 19thToday’s chakra oracle reading: Insecurity from muladhara (root chakra) and Passion from svadishthana (sacral chakra). Our demons have been whispering our failures to us again, but we’re braver than they give us credit for. Insecurity tells us it’s time to face adversity, we have the power within us to defeat our fears. There might be an unexpected alley headed our way. Passion encourages us to work on what we love, regardless of what others might think of us for it. It’s a good time to throw ourselves 200% into what we are passionate about. It might mean taking a stand if others are working against you, but a happy outcome awaits those that can muster the strength to keep going.

Daily Chakra Reading (January 18th)

Jan 18thFeeling tired due to lack of sleep today and very emotionally drained to boot and I think the cards are giving me a gentle nudge. I wonder if this’ll be relevant to anyone else.
For today’s chakra oracle reading‬ we have Perception from anahata (heart chakra) and Despondence from ajna (third eye chakra). I’ve been seeing a lot of cards associated with anahata in my readings lately and given it’s the chakra associated with grief I think it’s relevant on more than a personal level. Lots of famous people have left us recently and I think there is an element of public grief travelling through all of us, especially strong for those that are also grieving on a personal level. If anahata if off balance it may become more difficult to love both ourselves and those around as we would want to, and it’s good to be aware of it. We might not be able to do much about it right now, but the simple awareness of it can allow us to not act in ways we may regret later. Perhaps it’s why Perception has shown up again today: it wants us to look forward, not back, not dwell on what was lost but rejoice on what was gained through what has now been lost. We need to look at what we need to tend to about ourselves? Are we hurting and need time to heal? Have we been withdrawn for too long and need to reconnect with others? Now is a good time for a careful transformation of the heart, an opening of it to what is good for us. Despondence as Perception’s partner is a warning. Not acting will only lead to upset and dark thoughts. We have been upset or are hurting in some ways and it is easy to become entangled in those feelings and wallow in them. But if we find a way to take action (no matter how small) we might start to see a difference, it’ll help our perception move from the negative to a more objective view of what is around us. Now is the time to act: clean that cupboard that you have wanted to order for weeks, go on that walk, garden, find something to do that will focus your energy positively and help you perceive things less negatively!

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