Daily Chakra Reading (January 6th)

Jan 6thCreation from sahasrara (crown chakra) and Forgiveness from ajna (third eye chakra). Today is the day to get creative, try your hand at something artsy, draw, write, bake something. Express your love of things creatively, play with colours and allow yourself to express yourself without waiting for another’s permission. Today is also good to create yourself in new ways, open yourself to the change you have been considering and trust in your feelings. It’s a good time to make decisions that relate to creativity or self-change. Trust in your gifts and the muse will be with you. On the other side, today has positive energy for working on forgiving yourself for how people have hurt you. You might find that where you feel you belong most isn’t where you’re expected to, but shed that guilt. The time has come to transcend thoughts of forgiveness and focus on intention instead of pain. Alongside the Creation card it offers strong energies for working on yourself and your own projects, regardless of what those around you may make you feel about them.

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