Daily Chakra Reading (January 7th)

Jan 7th

Today’s chakra oracle reading: We have the Impasse from svadhisthana (sacral chakra) and Discovery from muladhara (root chakra). The Impasse may denote a sudden block on the way to achieving your goals. Linked to svadhisthana and muladhara it might be due to fear of guilt that is blocking your energy from flowing forward. It might also be a more tangible block in the form of an obstacle you cannot see how to get over. But it’s not an ending, simply a reroute. The change of direction might protect you from future hurts or failure and put you on a more fulfilling road to your goal, especially coupled with the Discovery card. Whatever happens, do not lose focus: now more than ever is the time to keep your mind alert and your eyes on your goal so you can see all the possibilities to get there. The Discovery card wants us to look inward and question whether we are happy in our current situation. Now might be a good time to drop things from the past that are no longer relevant but that you are still clinging to (they might be what causes the block shown by the Impasse). As the Impasse wants you to be ready to walk on a new path, Discovery encourages to do so passionately towards your goal, with a open mind for adventure and new experiences. Linked to muladhara it requires we shed fear to more forward.

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