Daily Chakra Reading (January 8th)

Jan 8th

Today’s chakra oracle reading: Trickery from anahata (heart chakra) and Façade from manipura (solar plexus chakra). Anahata is a chakra that is blocked by grief and Trickery warns us that if we are hurting in some way we are not willing to acknowledge that we may turn to manipulating others or accusing them for our pain even if they have done nothing. At times like this self-honesty is important, even if it can be difficult. Coupled with Facade this may signal a time to look back onto one’s childhood and become willing to see what pain from that time we still carry. Trickery denotes a vulnerable heart, with Facade hinting it is definitely a childhood pain that is ailing us. When we have mustered the courage to face that pain and it’s origin than we will be on the path to reclaiming our lives. The hardest part is to remember that is it okay to let love in as anahata wants and to ask for help despite how hard this may seem. Help might not always come from where we expect it but it is always better to receive it genuinely than to gain it through trickery and manipulation which only further blocks the flow of out energies.

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