Daily Chakra Reading (January 9th)

Jan 9th

Today’s chakra oracle reading: we have Bittersweet from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Mysticism from ajna (third eye chakra). Bittersweet speaks of celebration tempered by sadness. Perhaps you have just accomplished something, or taken the first steady steps towards a goal you have had for a long time but someone important is no longer there to witness your progress. It could also be about protecting someone else by keeping your own sadness hidden. With Mysticism as its partner Bittersweet also speaks of new unknown horizon coming our way in unexpected ways, of hidden blessings we yet have to grasp. Now is the time to be mature in accepting that seemingly contradicting emotions can be felt simultaneously, that our ability to honour those lost does not prevent us from allowing ourselves to release our feelings. Vishuddha is at its most powerful when truth are spoken and feelings expressed. Today might be a good day for talking about the sadness that has been in the background of the celebration of your own life. Mysticism warns us that we might be ignoring signs from within and without that call to our intuition. Alongside Bittersweet it encourages looking inwards and gaining insight. Motivation may come from unexpected places when we gain insight and allow our intuition to flow, heralding the beginning of a journey (far more likely to be a metaphysical journey, than actual travel) if only we are willing to transcend our fear of the unknown.

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