Daily Chakra Reading (January 10th)

Jan 10th

Today’s chakra oracle reading: Vanity from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Instinct from sahasrara. Vanity comes as a warning we may be living in a self-created illusion where happiness can only be achieved by obtaining more (more success, more money, more love, etc…) when happiness can come only when we chose to let it in and use what we already possess to find it. This illusion could have been created to mask a lack of something important somewhere else in our life. We need to become aware that we are the source of our own happiness and not to rely solely on material or external things. Instinct encourages the shedding of the past: now is not the time to look back and reflect but to move forward and trust our instincts. A solitary journey of self discovery is likely close should we be ready and willing to embrace it.

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