Daily Chakra Reading (January 11th)

Jan 11th

Today’s chakra oracle reading: Expansion from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Wisdom from anahata (heart chakra). Today is a good day to seek advice from those who are encouraging of our dreams and more experienced than us. Keep those who would be critical of your endeavours at bay and focus solely on connecting fully with those that will help you move forward. Expansion heralds progress in some aspects of life, but it could also indicate a reshuffling of friendships as you surround yourselves with those more supportive and capable to give good advice. Wisdom for its part warns that it is important to not just listen to the advice given by those more experienced, but what is advised must also be put into action. Maybe now is the time to remember old, wise advice and put it into practice. But Wisdom also reminds us that it is important to honour our own paths so far by taking in how much we have progressed and changed already. It wants us to become the leaders of our own lives if we can focus our energies properly.

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