Daily Chakra Reading (January 12th)

Jan 12th

Today’s chakra oracle reading gives us Perfection from muladhara (root chakra) and Perception from anahata (heart chakra). As a pair these two may warn that what we believe to be right might not be the correct way to go about things. We might be focussing on the wrong aspect of something and our desire to make that particular thing perfect at the detriment of what truly requires our attention. We might have accidentally started to alienate others by pushing too high expectations on both themselves and ourselves. Perfection can be perceived in different ways, if only we are willing to change how we view things. A garden full of flowers and plants may seem messy at first, but there is perfection in the way nature grows by itself if only we are willing to see it. Both cards herald a transformation of the heart, with the promise of a richer life experience if we try to see perfection and beauty in what already exist instead of trying to control every detail.

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