Daily Chakra Reading (January 13th)

Jan 13th

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us back Perfection from muladhara (root chakra) and Guilt from svadhisthana (sacral chakra). Perfection is personally relevant today as I have a meeting with my tutor and I always strive to do my best in whatever I study, always seeking to be the ‘perfect student’ whatever it actually means. It’s important to remember that our ‘best’ does not equate perfection and that we must be proud of our achievements without undermining them by looking at the faults within them. Guilt asks us if we are burdened by too many obligations, are we doing other people’s work in an attempt to be helpful (overly so) and liked by them instead of enabling them? Guilt warns us we might be taking on tasks for the wrong reason: are we giving too much energy to those that never give back? Guilt does not come from within but from the weight that is externally placed of us. We feel guilty for taking time to look after ourselves because others look to us to do all the work for them. But self-care is essential to maintaining balance, and we must find our personal power to stand up to those that expect too much from us and nothing from themselves. By forcing them to do some of the work we start to enable them, showing them that they are more capable than they might think. Guilt matched with Perfection is another warning that we may be too hard on ourselves, that we feel guilty we are not doing enough outwardly. In those cases it is important to be able to pull away and look inside to bring our energy back to ourselves.

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