Daily Chakra Reading (January 18th)

Jan 18thFeeling tired due to lack of sleep today and very emotionally drained to boot and I think the cards are giving me a gentle nudge. I wonder if this’ll be relevant to anyone else.
For today’s chakra oracle reading‬ we have Perception from anahata (heart chakra) and Despondence from ajna (third eye chakra). I’ve been seeing a lot of cards associated with anahata in my readings lately and given it’s the chakra associated with grief I think it’s relevant on more than a personal level. Lots of famous people have left us recently and I think there is an element of public grief travelling through all of us, especially strong for those that are also grieving on a personal level. If anahata if off balance it may become more difficult to love both ourselves and those around as we would want to, and it’s good to be aware of it. We might not be able to do much about it right now, but the simple awareness of it can allow us to not act in ways we may regret later. Perhaps it’s why Perception has shown up again today: it wants us to look forward, not back, not dwell on what was lost but rejoice on what was gained through what has now been lost. We need to look at what we need to tend to about ourselves? Are we hurting and need time to heal? Have we been withdrawn for too long and need to reconnect with others? Now is a good time for a careful transformation of the heart, an opening of it to what is good for us. Despondence as Perception’s partner is a warning. Not acting will only lead to upset and dark thoughts. We have been upset or are hurting in some ways and it is easy to become entangled in those feelings and wallow in them. But if we find a way to take action (no matter how small) we might start to see a difference, it’ll help our perception move from the negative to a more objective view of what is around us. Now is the time to act: clean that cupboard that you have wanted to order for weeks, go on that walk, garden, find something to do that will focus your energy positively and help you perceive things less negatively!

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