Daily Chakra Reading (January 26th)

Jan 26th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading shows us Complacency and Acceptance from Muladhara (root chakra). We all too easily fall into routines we might not be 100% happy with just because it’s easier. But if we have the capacity to realise our dreams, we must ask yourself why we’re not doing so. Are we building our life not on our own dream but on someone else’s? Are we settling for fear of what change may bring? We need to stop holding ourselves back and accept our dreams for what they are instead of trying to fit them inside the dreams of others. We need to look at ourselves in a new way, with the willingness to embrace our imperfections. True perfection does not exist. If we can find a way to nourish our self esteem and find new motivation, our dreams will be all the more possible.

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