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Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (February 29th)

Feb 29th.jpgBeen on holidays for a bit but it’s time to start with these again, especially as I’ve definitely been missing my cards all this time!
Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Soulmate from muladhara (root chakra) and Faith from Ajna (third eye chakra). True freedom comes from a transformation: love of ourselves as a whole, with all of our aspects embraced. Where Soulmate can easily represent the love for another and the change of communication in between people, I feel that paired with Faith it is more about self-love and our growing able to embrace ourselves wholly. Faith tells us that the obstacles we see ahead are not as big as we think: the unknown is more frightning than what hides within. Similarly our fear of change or potential self-divulging that would come with embrace all of our selves is making the experience feel more frightning that it will actually be. We all have a darker side but it deserves acknowledgment and love as much as the rest of us, both from ourselves and others.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 12th)

Feb 12th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Workaholic from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Growth from anahata (heart chakra). Work can be both create growth and stall it. Working too much can exhaust us and make lesser what we are trying to do: exhausted minds do not work as well as rested, fulfilled ones. Are you working extra hard to avoid doing something or because of something else? You need to remember to take time to live your life. Growth indicates not only forward progress but a need for courage. Our growth may frighten or displease others and as we discover ourselves those around us might reject this more complex and complete person we are becoming. We need the strength to stand by our growth and not pull back to accommodate others. We are more important.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 11th)

Feb 11th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Quest from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Despondence from Ajna (third eye chakra). With proper communication we are ready to face the unknown without undue fear of imagined obstacles. Our path is clearer and closer to us than we think but we need to communicate with those around us both to receive guidance and encouragement. All the answers we seek are within ourselves but may be masked by how we relate to a situation. Outside help can aid us sort out what is going on and give us what is needed to take action and move forward.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 10th)

Feb 10th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Soulmate from muladhara (root chakra) and Impatience from vishuddha (throat chakra). Now is the time to make your needs known: you might be going through a tough time and need more care and attention that usual or you are needing some support from those around you. You may also have found yourself in a friendship or relationship that is one sided and ignores your needs. Now is the time to voice them, speak to those around you about what you need. Give them some time to adjust and don’t rush ahead in cutting off people just because they’re not immediately reacting to what you have asked, sometimes, and as difficult as it may be, a degree of patience is required. If you act recklessly you might close yourself off from the help that you need.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 9th)

Feb 9th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Renewal from muladhara (root chakra) and Perseverance from Svadishthana (sacral chakra). By itself Renewal signifies significant change, a door closing, an ending. But these need not be negative, for an end signifies a new beginning and with an open mind Renewal signifies growth and new potential, wider horizons and larger possibilities. Paired with Perseverance it encourages us to keep pushing through our doubts, and through how others make us feel. Focus on your positive energy and push past whatever is trying to hinder you: you are stronger than any obstacle and you are never alone, there is always help, unseen or otherwise, that will be capable of pushing you forward.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 8th)

Feb 8th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Quest from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Destiny from sahasrara (crown chakra). There is a journey ahead of some kind that we have yet to attempt for fear of imagined dangers on the road. We need some time for self reflection to see the obstacles are not real but ones we have put in place ourselves because the unknown on the other side of the path is frightening. Changing the way we look at the situation may be enough to remove the apparent obstacles. It’s time to remember that asking for help is not a weakness: the wisdom of others might dispel the obstacles for us. We are not alone on our journey if only we reach for those around us.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 5th)

Feb 5th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings Expansion from Vishuddha (throat chakra) and Release from sahasrara (crown chakra). As separate, Expansion signifies a need to look at our relationships and nourish the ones that are positive for us, the ones with people that stand by our side even on difficult days and who encourage us in all that we do. It could also warn that there may be people in our inner circle who suck our energy for their own gains/needs and it might be time for us to put an end to this. Without it we cannot allow ourselves to be helped and guided safely when needed and therefore may not progress as we should. Release warns of conflict with ourselves: the part of us we keep locked in away from the light (our shadow) is scratching at the doors. It wants to be recognised and acknowledged as a part of us. Ignore it or push it back at your own risk: a repressed Shadow is a dangerous weapon turned against ourselves. It can bring crippling self doubt, self loathing, and destroy our self esteem whilst turning all our negative energy against those around us. Accepting can be painful and mean facing up to past hurts and moving through them, it means allowing ourselves to feel angry and hurt and scared and recognise our own failure. But once the Shadow has been brought to the light it will make us stronger, a whole self opposed to a fragmented person. Together with Expansion, Release might hint that we are the most negative relationship with ourselves. We need to build ourselves up, not tear ourselves down to be able to progress. We need to forgive ourselves and embrace our flaws to be able to achieve what we are capable of. Find the strength to start facing your Shadow today, it will never be quite as bad or terrifying as you think!

Daily Chakra Reading (February 3rd)

Feb 3rdToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Balance from Ajna (third eye chakra) and Creation from sahasrara (crown chakra). Change is afoot. It is time to lay down the weapon with which we have fought the battles of our past and open ourselves to the new experiences ahead. But do not rush. The coming change is moving towards us at its own pace and rushing to it may deviate it away from us. Patience and calm is important, we must take the time we need to be fully ourselves when the change comes, as free of fear and doubts as we can be. We must be aware of the ramifications of change and proceed slowly, we are, after all moving towards creating a self chapter or our self.

Meditation musings

large.jpgI think the most fascinating thing that I have discovered since starting work with the chakra oracle cards (aside the fact that I actually am capable of working really well with them) is something that happens in the moments preceding the drawing of the cards. I light a candle and incense corresponding with the chakra I have chosen (whether consciously or by pulling one of the stones that feels right out of the bag) for the day. Then I close my eyes and start to just focus on my energies as I shuffle the cards.

No matter what mood I may have been in since I got up, it is in those quiet moments, alone in the silence or with some music I use specifically for this, that I discover how I am really feeling. As humans we are masters at making whatever it is we are feeling. We mask it under smiles, under anger, under restlessness, under piling more and more work in front of ourselves. Since a young age we are told that certain emotions are bad, that some must be kept hidden and private. And I think, as we grow up, we forget that all emotions are just as valid as each other, that holding things in will be more likely to hurt us (as long as we express those emotions in an appropriate way).

But in the quiet moments we can, if we allow ourselves, peel away the layer of protections we have wrapped around what is truly what we feel. Being giddy can simply have been a manifestation of deep contentment so rarely felt it has been heightened, happiness may simply be the outward representation of our innermost peace. That anger that niggled at you all morning is just a shield hiding all the hurt inside, all the wounds, and that restlessness is nothing but a mask twisted by the sadness that is eating you all inside.

In the quiet moments when I shuffle my cards and concentrate on nothing else but myselflarge (1).jpg and those energies that are mine, I see all this. Some days it makes things easier, it entangles the web that our emotions weave around us. Some days it makes things difficult, opening my eyes to the truth of pain and hurt and sadness that was hidden and that I am unsure how to deal with. I’ve been more open about it all lately, but it is still such an instinct to hide it all.

The cards were so very relevant to how I feel today. I often hide what I really feel because it seems to be the only way to be there for others and to protect myself. But the truth is that I am often careless in how I bury how I feel and the jagged corners of sharp emotions end up hurting me, cutting away at my self-worth and self-esteem more than I like to recognise.

I wish we could all learn to have those quiet moments when we find ourselves, that we could all be allowed that time to get in tune with ourselves. And then if only we could learn how to deal with the real emotions, to understand that there are healthy, healing ways to express them all, then maybe, just maybe we could become better as a people.

Daily Chakra Reading (February 2nd)

Feb 2nd.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Bittersweet from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Insecurity from muladhara (root chakra). Bittersweet warns we may be coming up to a period where we will need to keep our own feelings in the background, either for the good of another (or a group) or to protect the ourselves. We will play at happiness (we can feel happy to a level) but the sadness and hurt deepinside will remain hidden. Paired with Insecurity it is a warning that we must be aware of the emotions we are pushing back. If we let them remain stagnant in darkness then they will be harmful to us, playing on our fears and doubts to cripple us. We can both simultaneously play the part of being fine and bring our pains into the light of our consciousness where they can hurt us far less deeply. The trick is not to mistake one emotion for another: anger for one can often hide other things and whilst we were the mask needed it is often difficult to entangle our own feelings. So in between wearing the mask it is important to take time for yourself to regroup, heal, and look inside.

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