Daily Chakra Reading (February 1st)

Feb 1st.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Faith from Ajna (third eye chakra) and Gossip from Anahata (heart chakra).
We are all wounded in some ways, some are visible, identifiable. We are familiar with them and know how to move forward despite them. Some are known but raw and delicate and we have yet to learn to move with them. Some are buried deep, invisible or unknown. The two latter types are the ones that hinder us most, make stones look like fortresses in our way. Others do not see these struggles and we often are alone in them and because of this our negative energy is focussed solely inwards making each obstacle seem larger than it is. We may also be afraid of how others see us and will interact with us during those troubling times. It is a time for faith in ourselves and in our gifts. One set back, one obstacle is not the end of the path. Our uniqueness, our differences, the things we are afraid may push others away from you are out true and unique strength. If we embrace that side of ourselves unquestioningly, the obstacles on our way will seems smaller, we will be more able to deal with them.

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