Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (February 29th)

Feb 29th.jpgBeen on holidays for a bit but it’s time to start with these again, especially as I’ve definitely been missing my cards all this time!
Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Soulmate from muladhara (root chakra) and Faith from Ajna (third eye chakra). True freedom comes from a transformation: love of ourselves as a whole, with all of our aspects embraced. Where Soulmate can easily represent the love for another and the change of communication in between people, I feel that paired with Faith it is more about self-love and our growing able to embrace ourselves wholly. Faith tells us that the obstacles we see ahead are not as big as we think: the unknown is more frightning than what hides within. Similarly our fear of change or potential self-divulging that would come with embrace all of our selves is making the experience feel more frightning that it will actually be. We all have a darker side but it deserves acknowledgment and love as much as the rest of us, both from ourselves and others.

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