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Daily Chakra Oracle (March 31st)

12932673_10207682356671471_5834817809498581645_n.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Vanity from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Despondence from Ajna (third eye chakra). It is a time to be careful, the masks we wear in daily lives may be starting to get in the way of our growth. Are we only accepting a situation because we believe we should? Our we betraying ourselves to belong with those around us? We need to be aware of those things so that¬†they do not overwhelm us and weigh us down and make us feel down. It is easy for the masks we wear to overtake our true selves and drown us in falsity. Now is the time to look inside and figure out what parts of our lives echo with our true selves and concentrate on working on those.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 29th)

12495094_10207654173966921_6747628951485601276_n.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Bittersweet from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Creation from sahasrara (crown chakra). Sometimes we need to put aside our own hurt to more forward. Time is not for contemplation anymore and the time of healing may come through creation: there is power in creating (in whatever form this may take) and it is through that that the burdens we have set aside will be soothed and lightened. However much we are hurting today we all have an inner strength to push through the pain and move forward: whether we know that we have that strength or not does not change the fact that it is there and will carry us forward.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 24th)

March 24th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Acceptance and Renewal from muladhara (root chakra). Positivity lies ahead with a chance to see ourselves as whole in our imperfection. We are perfect in our flaws and acceptance of this will open up doors to renewal, to better achievement and a greater inner peace. Let’s not compare ourselves to those around us but let’s focus on our own path: how far have we gone? How much have we endured and come out the other end still alive? Good things are coming if we can open our hearts to ourselves and embrace all parts of our being.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 23rd)

March 23rd.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Grief and Growth from anahata (heart chakra).
Tonight’s the full moon and I’m having a restless, anxious day where everything that was on my mind lately is multiplied by ten. The cards definitely seem to be aware. Both are from anahata today and there is something very personal there: my heart is aching with grief today. It’s still something I struggle with a lot: I don’t know how to talk about it to someone else who might understand (my brother and I are handling it very differently) and I feel immensely guilty that sometimes it feels like it wants to swallow me whole even when I thought I was doing fine. I’m not surprised to see the grief card today, speaking off loss but a reminder that love of any kind is beautiful and wondrous even in the pain it leaves behind. Growth is like the beacon of hope following it: the reminder that if one can stand strong in the face of adversity, of pain, and loss, and loneliness, than we will become more of what we were meant to be. It also promises that we will outgrow our pain, become more than it so that it no longer envelops us so thoroughly.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 22nd)

March 22.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Quest from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Perseverance from Svadishthana (sacral chakra).
The right path is ahead of you and you are ready to step into the unknown of the future. Today is a day for confidence and taking the step you have been hesitating to take. Try that something new that has been calling to you for a long time. But remember, their will be obstacles and you have to willing to push through them no matter what if you embark on this journey. Success is on the other side of the final obstacle and if you give it before it, you will never reach it, no matter how close you got. Today is for strength and conviction and the belief that we can do whatever it is we set our mind to. 

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 21st)

March 21st.jpg

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Passion from svadishthana (sacral chakra) and Insecurity from muladhara (root chakra).
Passion is focussed emotion, the powerful tool of growth and above all creation. If we can harness our emotions (good or bad) then we will become more able to create and so better, more completely and honestly than we could otherwise. Our passion is the path forging force that drives us forward to create as a whole and create ourselves into who we wish to be. Insecurities are often a creator’s greatest enemy: the strength of the emotions we wield are dangerous if turned inward and too much time spent locked up inside our own emotions and mind will create doubt. Am I good enough? Are my emotions powerful enough? But obstacles are not thrown at us if we do not have the resources to surmount them. The energy of passion will become our weapon in fighting off the insecurities that plague us. We can imagine ourselves great and create ourselves that way instead of always fearing that we are not enough.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 16th)

March 16th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Wisdom from anahata (heart chakra) and Confusion from sahasrara (crown chakra). An odd mix with a simple message: now is not the time for rash decisions or actions. It is a time for stillness and reflection, got living and appreciating the moment without looking and planning and guessing what is coming ahead. Enjoy the day for what it offers, find wisdom and happiness where possible and let the world around you pass in a blur, you will get to your destination in time if you allow things to flow freely.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 15th)

MArch 15th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Bittersweet from Vishuddha (throat chakra) and Impartiality from Sahasrara (crown chakra). Letting go of our control over others can be difficult: we might want the best for them and try to push them in that direction. But now is the time to withdraw, we must think of the group as a whole and act not as a guide but as a neutral presence willing to let things unfold. We may have to hide sides of ourselves for this to be possible, tuck hurt parts of us where those who require us as the neutral adviser cannot see it. It can be difficult but ultimately it will lead help others grow and through their growth we too will grow and gain strength.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 14th)

March 14th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Enlightenment from Manipura (solar plexus chakra) and Grief from Anahata (heart chakra).
Enlightenment is about our capacity for growth, our need for time alone to reflect and learn. But also it tells us that our experiences will shine on those around us, that we can help those close to us walk their own paths once we have learned to tread our own with understanding and kindness. Coupled with Grief it speaks of moving forward, of learning and growing with the grief, of feeling it without being ruled by it. Although there is still the sense of loss, although we still miss those or what is gone, it is no longer the force that rules us. We have learnt from it and now we walk with it on our path free of the fear we had before, it has become a part of us. Our own experiences in that subject might help us take others through it when their own pain get too much.

Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 4th)

MArch 4th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Impartiality from sahasrara (crown chakra) and Discovery from muladhara (root chakra). This is a time to be neutral and look at situations at hand not through our own eyes but through the eyes of those around us. This could be something on a personal level or with a wider reach and it will require us to not focus out energies on ourself but on the ones around us. There is learning and discovery in looking at things from someone else’s point of view and it may signify the beginning of something new: the experience may place us on a new path where we will be more aware of those around us as well as ourselves.

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