Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 21st)

March 21st.jpg

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Passion from svadishthana (sacral chakra) and Insecurity from muladhara (root chakra).
Passion is focussed emotion, the powerful tool of growth and above all creation. If we can harness our emotions (good or bad) then we will become more able to create and so better, more completely and honestly than we could otherwise. Our passion is the path forging force that drives us forward to create as a whole and create ourselves into who we wish to be. Insecurities are often a creator’s greatest enemy: the strength of the emotions we wield are dangerous if turned inward and too much time spent locked up inside our own emotions and mind will create doubt. Am I good enough? Are my emotions powerful enough? But obstacles are not thrown at us if we do not have the resources to surmount them. The energy of passion will become our weapon in fighting off the insecurities that plague us. We can imagine ourselves great and create ourselves that way instead of always fearing that we are not enough.

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