Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (March 23rd)

March 23rd.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Grief and Growth from anahata (heart chakra).
Tonight’s the full moon and I’m having a restless, anxious day where everything that was on my mind lately is multiplied by ten. The cards definitely seem to be aware. Both are from anahata today and there is something very personal there: my heart is aching with grief today. It’s still something I struggle with a lot: I don’t know how to talk about it to someone else who might understand (my brother and I are handling it very differently) and I feel immensely guilty that sometimes it feels like it wants to swallow me whole even when I thought I was doing fine. I’m not surprised to see the grief card today, speaking off loss but a reminder that love of any kind is beautiful and wondrous even in the pain it leaves behind. Growth is like the beacon of hope following it: the reminder that if one can stand strong in the face of adversity, of pain, and loss, and loneliness, than we will become more of what we were meant to be. It also promises that we will outgrow our pain, become more than it so that it no longer envelops us so thoroughly.

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