Daily Chakra Oracle (April 11th)

April 11th

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Soulmate from muladhara (root chakra) and Abundance from manipura (solar plexus chakra). Soulmate speaks of a change of relationship, a detachment from what is harmful and a movement towards the one(s) who truly understand and can communicate with us. We are entering a new phase of our lives with emotional enrichment ahead of us. Abundance asks us to be grateful for what we have, be kind with our possession, and more will come our way. If we appreciate what we have then it will draw more fortune and good luck our way. Together the cards may hint that the closeness and togetherness of finding and being with one’s soulmate will draw fortune and good luck our way if only we know to be grateful for the presence of the other.
(this reading was very focussed on @starshard and her fiance for has an important job interview today so I wanted to send them all the positive effect vibes possible! )

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