Daily Chakra Oracle (April 29th)

April 29th.jpgIt’s been a while but I’m hoping to be back with this more regularly now! So today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Release from Sahasrara (crown chakra) and Isolation from Vishuddha (throat chakra). Release wants us to let go of the blame we hold over others when we are unable to accept our own fault in things. Today is a good day for introspection, the facing of our shadow self that lurks within us all. It can be a scary experience, to shed light on this darker side of ourselves but on the other side of this storm lies a clearer, happier path, where our own happiness will be less dependant on others. Isolation is a warning: we might be holding ourselves back from our own life by waiting until ‘the right moment’. It could be that the embracing of the shadow self will become the catalyst for movement, for the shedding of a suffocating cloak of too much self protection in exchange of a lighter one made of self awareness and understanding. Isolation is also the time we need for introspection, for the healing of the self. Teamed with Release it encourages us both to look inward and heal ourselves as well as be ready to step out into the light once the healing has started to take place.

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