Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 10th)

May 10th.jpg

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Perseverance from Svadishthana (sacral chakra) and Destiny from sahasrara (crown chakra). Perseverance signifies a heightened emotional state, you might be more sensitive than your environment that usually, either way you are more keenly tuned in to your own thoughts and feelings which can be just as discouraging as it can be inspiring. There is the risk to do nothing and the true potential to getting something back on track. Destiny wills us to push forward, to trust ourselves to guide our actions on the path that is right for us. Coupled with Perseverance we are presented with a time of choice: will be overwhelmed by the potential that lays ahead and let our emotions rule us, or will we harness this energy and push onwards on the path set for us?

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