Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 16th)

May 16th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Renewal from muladhara (root chakra) and Trickery from anahata (heart chakra). For ourselves, it is a time of growth and solid foundations. We are at a point where we can flourish and grow, but we must be confident and willing enough to ask out right for what we need. We cannot beat about the bush do trying to manipulate others will only bring unhappiness. When it comes to others, we might feel like we have been used or tricked into being taken advantage of. We must wonder if malice or a deep need to be loved and accepted was the root of it. Relationships cannot grow through trickery and we must be willing to oppose those who seek to deceive us.

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One thought on “Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 16th)

  1. thesmilingpilgrim on said:

    That picture in the background looks cool!


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