Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 20th)

May 10th.jpgth.jpg

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Mysticism from Ajna (third eye chakra) and Wisdom from anahata (heart chakra). It is a time of surrender, both to the unknown and to our whole selves. The unknown could be anything from a change of career to a sudden but deep connection with the spiritual. Whatever the unknown is we can, must, trust it. Similarly we can surrender to our whole selves, become ourselves on every layer that is relevant. Connect with yourself, spiritually, physically, mentally. This could mean meditation, a change in look, time spent understanding our paths. But we are doing none of this to prove ourselves to others, we are doing it simply for ourselves. We are wise in our capacity and strength to do things for ourselves and not for anyone else. We exist as a separate entity, capable of entirely detaching from those around us.

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