Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 24th)

May 24th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Bittersweet from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Forgiveness from ajna (third eye chakra).
Ahead could be a time that will ask us to put aside our own needs to see to that of someone else or for the good of a group. In such times there may be resentment and bitterness on our side, especially if others have not been forthcoming in meeting our own needs in the past. Forgiveness is important to remember in such times, but not of others. We must forgive ourselves for what we perceive we might not be able to do or those we fear we may be letting down. We are not perfect and although it might be needed to leave our needs behind, that is not always a healthy habit to get into for the sake of others.

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One thought on “Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 24th)

  1. This relates to me so much… Little bit freaky! Lol. So glad I came across this!


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