Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 25th)

May 25th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Guilt from svadishthana (sacral chakra) and Renewal from muladhara (root chakra). Guilt is a powerful down pulling force. Not only does it make us feel down but it also causes the feeling that no matter what we do it will never be enough. This could be in relation to others through overwhelming, unrealistic expectations that have been placed on us. It could also come from within as we repeat the ways others have treated us in the past, expecting more than is humanly possible out of ourselves. Often guilt is the disguise of some deeper, darker hurt. Renewal calls for us to look at that hurt, to find the true source of that guilt and to pull our roots away from the soil fueling guilt. It is not an easy transition and starting small is always preferable. Small gestures of love towards ourselves are necessary and most of all being able to forgive ourselves. Through such acts we can gain enough strength to pull away from what hurts us and start anew.

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