Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (June 1st)

June 1stToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Victim from anahata (heart chakra) and Facade from manipura (solar plexus chakra).
Too often we seek to dish out blame to ourselves or others even the situation was ultimately out of everyone’s control. We seek an explanation for failures when the explanation is sometimes the simplest of things: we were not ready for what we were trying to achieve. It can be the most difficult to admit that we were not ready, especially in a world that pushes us ever onwards, telling us that not to strive for more is failure. Sometimes we must remember to stop and breathe and look inward. There is healing in taking time off and playing, in being a child for a while again. Do something fun, laugh, enjoy yourself. Once you have recovered you will be able to start your work again with a greater chance of success.

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