Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (June 20th)

June 20th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings us Wisdom and Trickery both from anahata (heart chakra) with the overlaying Discovery from muladhara (root chakra) as it felt right to draw a third card today.
You might need a hefty dose of patience with yourself today, as you might be placed in situations that bring to the surface old issues and wounds. There’s going to be the desire to manipulate others into giving you what you need without asking them flat out. But remember, the people you have chosen to surround yourself with are more than likely to be accepting of all your quirks and needs, so don’t be afraid to reach out. It will also be an exercise in finding out who really has your bad and although this can hurt, you will emerge wiser and more prepared to battle on in future. Don’t push the blame and responsibilities of your own emotions on those who are not responsible for them, instead take the time to honour yourself by recognising where these issues come from and how they affect you. Discovery underlies today, there is learning to be done, maybe even a new path to discover. Trust in your capacity to love yourself no matter how testing the world can become.

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