Daily Chakra Reading (February 5th)

Feb 5th.jpgToday’s chakra oracle reading brings Expansion from Vishuddha (throat chakra) and Release from sahasrara (crown chakra). As separate, Expansion signifies a need to look at our relationships and nourish the ones that are positive for us, the ones with people that stand by our side even on difficult days and who encourage us in all that we do. It could also warn that there may be people in our inner circle who suck our energy for their own gains/needs and it might be time for us to put an end to this. Without it we cannot allow ourselves to be helped and guided safely when needed and therefore may not progress as we should. Release warns of conflict with ourselves: the part of us we keep locked in away from the light (our shadow) is scratching at the doors. It wants to be recognised and acknowledged as a part of us. Ignore it or push it back at your own risk: a repressed Shadow is a dangerous weapon turned against ourselves. It can bring crippling self doubt, self loathing, and destroy our self esteem whilst turning all our negative energy against those around us. Accepting can be painful and mean facing up to past hurts and moving through them, it means allowing ourselves to feel angry and hurt and scared and recognise our own failure. But once the Shadow has been brought to the light it will make us stronger, a whole self opposed to a fragmented person. Together with Expansion, Release might hint that we are the most negative relationship with ourselves. We need to build ourselves up, not tear ourselves down to be able to progress. We need to forgive ourselves and embrace our flaws to be able to achieve what we are capable of. Find the strength to start facing your Shadow today, it will never be quite as bad or terrifying as you think!

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